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"Achieve your Superfood Goals with Wonder Herb!"
Everyday Superfoods for a Super You

Our products serve as your ‘Daily Dose of Antioxidants, Vitamins & Minerals’.

If you think nutrition can’t be tasty, this should be the Wonder Choice that you make.

At the Heart of Wonder Herb, we go an extra mile to source the best for you.


Naturally Tasty

✓ Goodness of Moringa
✓ Delicious Dark Chocolate Taste

Effective Superfoods for a Healthier You

✓ Works magically for your wellbeing
✓ Nutrition never tasted so good!

Moringa is your Healthy Herb!

✓ Moringa is Nature’s Multivitamin
✓ 100% Plant Based & Gluten Free

Ultimate Nutritional Boost

✓ Rich in Antioxidants, Vitamins & Minerals
✓ Moringa is a source of all 9 essential Amino Acids

Low in calories and high in nutrition

Healthy Made Easy

In this world of hustle, eating healthy isn’t always the easiest option. ‘Healthy made Easy’ comes alive with our products that should definitely make their way into your diet. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants & minerals, it sums up to be your healthy shot of nutrition. Its nutritional benefits are numerous.

Superfood Made Fun and Simple

All of us, as individuals, have varying routines but the only commonality that remains is Tasty Nutrition. We are driven to help you achieve this with ease. We have crafted simple and tasty ways to consume your Superfoods. No complex process involved, our products are super easy to use. We believe adding nutritive products to your daily diet should be fun. We have used Superfoods in our products just the way you would like it. Multiple benefits combined in a method this simple, our products are surely something you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

Hear from the Founder


As a college student, hectic academic and co-curricular schedules are the routine to live by. In the process, nutrition isn’t well taken care of. I looked at various supplements, but none came close to what I would include in my daily routine. Moringa, or as they say, the ‘Miracle Tree’ has multiple nutritional benefits. So I decided to create a plant based and natural brand which complements the nutrition of Superfoods with great taste. I believe these products can easily be included in one’s routine life and makes up for the perfect balance that one would want!



Wonder Herb’s Moringa Smoothie Mix has the goodness of Superfood Moringa, Pulses and Millets. Naturally Sweet, it is the perfect balance of Taste & Nutrition. Easy-to-make and consume, it easily fits in your super busy schedule!

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Wonder Herb’s Moringa Powder is your Super Immunity Booster. Add it to your favorite food item and enjoy the Goodness of Herbs.

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About Harsh

Harsh Agarwal is a student at BITS Pilani and a graduate of the Hult Prize Impact Accelerator Program, UK. Passionate about Health, Wellness & Ayurveda, he embarked on the journey of building products supporting healthy living and that can be easily inculcated in our routine; Wonder Herb was thus born. Skilled in Design Thinking and in various Technological fields, he has previously worked with Government think tanks, SAAS startups, D2C brands and an Adtech company. He is also a passionate advocate for climate change and Sustainability.