• wonder herb superfood moringa smoothie helps maintain good skin and hair, it builds skin collagen, helps fights ageing, moisturising fatty acids for dry skin, helps prevent acne and dark spots

    Strong Hair & Healthy Skin

    ✓ Vitamin A for Building Skin Collagen

    ✓ Vitamin C helps fight Ageing

    ✓ Moisturising Fatty Acids for Dry Skin

    ✓ Helps Prevent Acne and Dark Spots

  • wonder herb superfood moringa smoothie helps in weight loss by enhancing fat breakdown, lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, reducing food craving and controling appetite. provides wholesome nutrition

    Weight Loss

    ✓ Reduce Fat Formation & Enhance Fat Breakdown

    ✓ Lowers Cholesterol and Controls Blood Pressure

    ✓ Reduce Food Craving and Controls Appetite

    ✓ Completes your Nutritional Profile

  • wonder herb superfood moringa smoothie builds immunity, it has 40+ antioxidants that protect from cell damage, keeps you safe from infection

    Immunity Booster

    ✓ 40+ Antioxidants Protect from Skin Damage

    ✓ Keeps you Safe from Infection

    ✓ Vitamin B Complex for Enhanced Immunity

    ✓ Vitamin A, C for Strengthening Immunity

  • wonder herb superfood moringa smoothie helps build strong muscles and joints, it provides calcium for healthy bones, phosphorus for strong bones and joints, beneficial in arthritis and bone damage

    Strong Bones and Joints

    ✓ Calcium for Healthy Bones

    ✓ Phosphorus for Strong Bones and Joints

    ✓ Beneficial in Arthritis and Bone Damage

    ✓ Iron, Magnesium and Zinc for Bone Health

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